On Air

As it happens, I got the chance to participate in a group discussion about the Oscar Pistorius case today that was aired live from Pause café, right next to the High Court in Pretoria. And oh boy, how was I excited…

The discussion was part of BBC’ series “World have your say” and took place in the evening of September 11th 2014 – the day Judge Masipa started reading the verdict which has been taken quite controversially so far. The podcast will be available during the next seven days:




One response to “On Air”

  1. diemexikanerin says :

    Melli…it was quite interesting all the comments specially the kind of amunition… I was very happy to hear your opinion :)… it is a deception the judge’S verdict, I don’t believe it can be called fair. In any case if he would spend the rest of his life in prison, it won’t bring her back and who knows her family perspectives, but my personal opinion, it wouldn’t bring me any peace.
    Intesting the opinion of one of the questioned person, who said about people’s opinion that it’s because is a case about a women, that it shouldn’t matter, and because he is white he was kind of freed (at least legally)… i find it quite unfair and injust pfff anyways…
    best regards

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